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Xubuntu Keyboard Mod Essentials: CapsLock -> Extra ESC; Windows Key -> XFCE Menu

I recently installed Xubuntu on my old Thinkpad T410s, in the hopes that it would be a lighter and faster distributio...


Check Your Version of NodeJS If You Get This Error

I am sharing a head-desk moment that I had yesterday, in hopes that it could help somebody. The CSS on this new blog ...

The Linux User's OS X Survival Guide

(Or… how to get work done on a Mac if you’re a Linux junky.)While normally a Linux user, my current employer has very...

Installing OpenGrok on Ubuntu (Java Target Version Error)

Earlier today, I installed Solr on top of OpenJDK 1.6, running Tomcat 6. That went just fine, but I ran into trouble ...

Installing PyCUDA on Ubuntu via pip

I’m currently configuring an Ubuntu server with an NVidia Tesla GPU unit.In the interest of actually getting things d...